Hawkins Heads to Ithaca

Hawkins Heads to Ithaca

Wednesday April 30 Howie Hawkins is bringing his radical progressive platform to Ithaca.

Tompkins County wake up to Howie on WHCU with Lee Rayburn. Then in the evening, Howie will meet with Greens, supporters and curious citizens about his campaign for Governor, first at a 5pm Meet and Greet at Autumn Leaves on the Ithaca Commons then at 7pm hosted by the Ithaca College Greens in Textor Hall. Here's the Facebook event page. Howie will also be on WRFI's Practical Earthkeeper at 4pm

Howie is running on a Green New Deal platform that includes a $15 minimum wage, banning fracking, ending the war on drugs, and a public jobs program to end unemployment by put people to work meeting community needs and building the transition to a renewable energy economy.

Before heading down Howie will speak with Ryan Clover on EcoDefense Radio on WRFI on Tuesday April 28 at 12:30pm.  

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