Hawkins to Attend Trump Protest in Utica on August 13

Hawkins to Attend Trump Protest in Utica on August 13

For immediate release, August 13, 2018

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will attend the various protests against President Trump and U.S. Rep. Tenney in Utica on Monday August 13. Hawkins is expected to arrive around 5 PM. Hawkins will be joined by Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller and Michael Sussman, the Green Party candidate for Attorney General.

“I’m protesting Trump because he is a crude racist who wants to divide and rule Americans by scapegoating immigrants, Muslims, and people of color for the problems that Trump and his rich, corrupt cronies create with their frauds, tax evasion, money laundering, and ripping off workers, contractors, and creditors,” said Hawkins.

“Trump uses his office for self-enrichment as foreign and domestic lobbyists patronize his properties to get favorable treatment and he sticks it to the taxpayers with the bills for endless golf vacations at his own resorts. He lies every time he opens his mouth or Twitter app. Trump is un-American. America is not a race, religion, or ethnicity. America is the idea that we are all free and equal in a multicultural democracy. I can’t wait until we impeach, convict, and throw him out of office for his high crimes and misdemeanors,” Hawkins added.

Dunlea added that “Trump’s greatest legacy, unfortunately, may be his climate denial and his role in promoting increased use of fossil fuels. His actions to undercut efforts to curb global warming are a crime against humanity.” Dunlea has been campaigning to get the state pension fund to divest from fossil fuels.

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