Hawkins to Visit State Fair on August 27

Hawkins to Visit State Fair on August 27

For immediate release: August 27, 2018

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, will brave yet another upstate heat wave to greet visitors to the state fair on Monday August 27 outside the main gate entrance at 4 PM.

Hawkins, who is running on a Green New Deal calling for increased action on climate change and securing the rights to a decent job, affordable housing, comprehensive health care, and a good education, will be available for media interviews.

He will discuss his ideas related to the development of the I-81 corridor, an issue raised by the County Executive during her visit last week to the State Fair with Governor Cuomo last week. Hawkins supports rebuilding the I-81 corridor as a community grid, with a mixed-income, mixed-use, walkable neighborhood that is serviced by public transportation.

He will also discuss his plan to tax the rich in order to pay for state mandates and increase state revenue sharing so fiscally stressed local governments like Syracuse can fully fund their services while cutting property taxes.

The state fair was plagued by mismanagement and corruption during the early part of Cuomo’s tenure. He has since pumped an estimated $100 million of state tax dollars into upgrades at the fair, while nearby Syracuse, with the most concentrated poverty for blacks and Latinos of any city in the nation, has received no state aid from the Cuomo administration to address its poverty and crumbling infrastructure.

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