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Download our campus flyer and Climate Action quarter sheets! Designed by Shirari Industries in Ithaca, they print well in black and white! Scroll down for more fliers!


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Click to download leaflets on high stakes testing & school funding:

Click to download leaflets on progressive taxes:






Click to download leaflets on banning fracking and clean energy:



Click to download leaflets on ending the drug war:


Click to download leaflets EN ESPAÑOL on $15/hr minimum wage to:


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  • Ursula Rozum
    commented 2014-06-03 08:17:14 -0400
    Estamos produciendo materiales en español. Gracias.
  • Ursula Rozum
    commented 2014-02-24 11:56:35 -0500
    Hi Anthony! I am working with the Hawkins campaign and helped to create the “posters.” Not every single issue that Howie and the Green Party have a position on will fit onto a leaflet – notice that GMOs or pesticides aren’t mentioned, either. This is just the beginning. I would encourage you to contribute your ideas for what should be a position on Industrial hemp to the Green Party of NYS 2014 platform.

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