Ralph Nader supports Howie Hawkins, part 2

Ralph Nader talks about running for office and supporting grass roots campaigns. They are the salt of the earth. Howie Hawkins, Green Party New York candidate for Governor loads and unloads trucks for UPS. Matt Funiciello is Democracy's Baker.

Our 1% pressuring for change can succeed. Give them a rumble from the People. Public opinion is behind us.

Howie Hawkins for Governor

Green Party of New York

Ralph Nader supports Howie Hawkins, part 1

Ralph Nader, on showing up for a democratic society & why he supports Howie Hawkins & the Green Party.

We need to motivate our 1% for change. In Europe they have multiparty systems and strong labor unions and no belief in phony free market ideology.

They call the top 1% "job creators." We have to talk about the workers as the "profit creators."

They try to divide us into left and right to keep us powerless. All we need is for our own 1% to organize.

Nader endorses Hawkins

Howie Hawkins for Governor

Green Party of New York

Ralph Nader

Theresa Portelli on becoming a Green

Theresa Portelli talks about her background from a free CUNY education to working with court involved youth, being elected to School Board, making a difference yet eventually becoming disillusioned regular politics.

Greens not only identify problems but offer creative solutions. She was a Green candidate for Mayor of Albany.

As Comptroller divest from fossil fuels and prisons, create a share holder advisory board, create a State Bank, retain not rebate the Stock Transfer Tax.

Theresa Portelli for Comptroller

Brian Jones on Educational Priorities

Brian Jones, candidate Lt. Gov. talks about his experiences teaching drama in the public school system. How it became a casualty of a charter school. Being forced to expend resourced competing against wealthy charter schools.

Democrat Andrew Cuomo has forced public schools to pay rent for wealthy charger school chains.

The problem with Cuomo is not that he's governed as a Republican but as a Democrat. The Democratic Party supports the mass firing of teachers, high stakes testing and the proliferation of charter schools

Brian Jones for Lt. Gov.

The Moment is here

The Moment is HERE, Ramon Jimenez, Green Party NY candidate for Attorney General

Ramon Jimenez Green Party NY candidate for Attorney General. Having fought corporate welfare in the South Bronx along with Stop & Frisk and Broken Windows (harrasing people on petty charges) which target poor people of color, he decided the moment is here, to run for office.

Democratic NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's voice has been silent on Stop & Frisk and Broken Windows.

History has given us a chance today. Fighting my cancer, fighting Andrew Cuomo, fighting the Democrats, fighting the Republicans. Let's make history.

Ramon Jimenez for NYS Attorney General

Howie Hawkins on the Buffalo Bills

The Truth Telling Fracking Tour - Howie Hawkins Goes to Dimock, PA

On October 9th, Howie Hawkins travelled to Dimock, PA and the surrounding areas to witness the true effects of hydofracking in the region --- and foresee what could happen to NY in the future. If you want to avoid this fate for NY, vote for Howie Hawkins, the only gubernatorial candidate that supports renewable energy and a ban on fracking in NYS.


Howie Tours Dimock, PA - Introduction


Howie at the Montrose Press Conference


Howie's Energy Plan


Videos: Bill Huston

Get Busy, NY! - Truth Telling Anti Fracking Tour

With the effects of fracking clear, it's time to get busy, New York! Champion the only gubernatorial candidate that supports a ban on fracking, Howie Hawkins. On November 4th, vote Green!

Video: Bill Huston

Kick Cuomo & Astorino to the Curb! Vote Green!

It's time! Green Party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins is the only candidate who doesn't take money from corporations. On November 4th, kick Cuomo & Astorino to the curb!

Video: Jay Wilcox

Judge Seth Peacock Endorses Howie Hawkins

One of the many endorsers of Howie Hawkins who spoke on October 15, 2014 Press Bay Alley, Ithaca, NY


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