Before the March, Climate Convergence

Saturday 9/20 9-10:30am "A Green Political Alternative to the Two Parties of Capital"  Graffiti Church, 205 E 7th St

Saturday 9/20 12:30  "Green and Red: Nature Bats Last" St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, 131 E 10th St



Hawkins/Jones/Green Party Meetup Point: 79th Street and Central Park West (inside the gathering area for the march)

You will need to enter the march area from the West at either 77th or 81st Streets, and then proceed to 79th to meet us!

We will be marching with Group 4: those working to Ban Fracking and Mountaintop Removal, Block Tar Sands Oil, alongside Peace and Justice and other allies.


- Canvassing/Campaign Outreach Volunteers: Please arrive by 8:45am

- Other Volunteers: Please arrive by 9:15am

We need you
 to help talk to marchers and distribute literature and Green Party posters before the march kicks off. And then we will march together in the largest climate change march in history!

- Pre-March Speak-Out, including Howie Hawkins, Brian Jones and 2012 GPUS Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein: 10:00am

The March is scheduled to begin at 11:30am.

We understand that people are traveling into the city that morning, and will arrive when they can. We strongly advise that you enter the march area on Central Park West before 10:30am to ensure that you are not shut out by police if the march reaches capacity.

If you are unable to arrive early to volunteer before the march, please consider staying afterward to help canvass and reach out to marchers where the route ends at 11th Ave between 34th and 38th Streets.

Important Notes

- Be prepared for the weather! Sunscreen, umbrellas, ponchos, hats -- whatever you need to stay comfortable

- Bring snacks and water! After a certain point, you will not be able to return to the march area after leaving.

- Check transit ahead of time! Check whatever bridges, roads and subway lines you need to get into the march. The MTA Weekender is a good resource for checking the availability of subway stops.

- Have you RSVP'd with the below form? We need to know who is coming and we need volunteers!

Check out other NYC events with our candidates happening that weekend!

See you Sunday!

Exploitation is what's been done by the rich and powerful for too long. This is no way to run a planet. Halting climate change requires us to change our political and economic system.  Solutions are within our reach! We are building political power independent from the 1% and the Democrats and Republicans that do their bidding. This year, help elect a Climate Action Governor, Howie Hawkins. Because real solutions can't wait!  


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