Cuomo's "Green New Deal"

Politico New York: December 17, 2018

There's also a Green New Deal in New York, with support from the Green Party and advocacy groups. Those include broader economic goals to boost employment and income equality along with targeting 100 percent renewables across the economy by 2030.

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Final Election Results

New York State Board of Elections: December 14, 2018

The New York State Board of Elections posted the certified election results on December 14, 2018 after counting all the absentee and other paper ballots and canvassing the voting machines. You can see the county and statewide results here.

Our final vote total was 103,946. In 2014, we received 184,419 votes.

The biggest drop offs were liberal college areas (St. Lawrence, Tompkins, Ulster counties), where Cuomo seems to have got the anti-Trump Democratic vote, and the capital district, where public employees had given us the most votes in 2010.

Our smallest drop-off upstate was in the Buffalo area, where local Greens organized several good events and we received the Buffalo Teachers Federation endorsement. Our drop-off was also much smaller in Orange County, home to our Attorney General candidate, Michael Sussman.

In the New York City area, we almost maintained our 2010 vote in Brooklyn and actually got slightly higher votes in the Bronx and Queens. The rest of the metro area declined roughly proportionately with our overall decline.


Green Party Urges Congress and States to Enact a Green New Deal on Climate, Economic Justice

Common Dreams: December 13, 2018

Popular Resistance: December 14, 2018

WASHINGTON - The Green Party of the United States is urging Congress and state legislatures to adopt a Green New Deal (GND) to respond to the climate emergency while committing to a full employment, sustainable economy.

Howie Hawkins' Green Party campaign for Governor in New York in 2010 was the first time a comprehensive Green New Deal agenda was promoted in the United States. It was based on a call for a Green New Deal in Europe developed a few years previously by the European Greens and others. The GND was a central focus of Jill Stein's two Green Party presidential campaigns in 2012 and 2016.

Green Party members and supporters participated in the December 10 national day of action by the Sunrise movement and others to urge Congress to adopt the Green New Deal resolution supported by Congresswomen-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and others. While many candidates in 2018 used the phrase the Green New Deal to highlight that a transition to renewable energy would help create living wage jobs, AOC's proposal for a plan for 100% clean energy by 2030, single payer health care and other economic measures comes much closer to the GND developed by the Green Party. What is still left out is the necessity of degrowing the Military Industrial Complex and termination of its imperial agenda.

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Green Party Green New Deal Explained

America's Work Force Radio: December 12, 2018


Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for New York governor, discussed the Green New Deal during his Dec. 12 appearance on America’s Work Force Radio.

Howie Hawkins

Hawkins, who finished third in New York’s governor’s race, described his vision of the Green New Deal, which includes items such as revitalizing the public sector through the investment in cleaner energy, improved infrastructure and mass transit. He talked about using the distribution of wealth, which he labeled as shared prosperity through progressive tax reforms, to fund schools and public services. Hawkins promoted the New York OFF Fossil Fuels Act, which is an effort to force the use of renewable energy, in an attempt to make New York the national leader in renewable energy.

Winning the Green New Deal We Need

Socialist Worker: December 12, 2018

Proposals for a GND have been floating around for years, most notably in Green Party campaigns run by Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins.

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Hawkins interview about Amazon subsidies

Focus on Albany: December 3, 2018


2018 Green Party Candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins talks about Amazon and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Sorry Democrats, the Green Party Came Up With the Green New Deal!

CounterPunch: November 29, 2018

The Green Party has been advocating for a massive jobs and public works program to transition our energy infrastructure rapidly over to renewable energy for more than a decade [1]. The project truly began with a Global Greens ‘Green New Deal Task Force’, first formulated in 2006. It was brought into American Green political campaigns by Howie Hawkins when he ran for governor in 2014 [2]. Next Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka highlighted it in their 2016 presidential campaign [3] while many more American Green candidates have run campaigns using it since that time.

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Minor Parties Decline in Hyper-Partisan Age

Yonkers Times: November 24, 2018

The recent election for governor showed more New Yorkers voting, and more voting for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and fewer for minor party candidates.

Howie Hawkins was the Green Party candidate for governor of New York in both 2014 and 2018. In 2014, Hawkins got 5 percent of the vote, an impressive total for a minor party candidate. But this year, Hawkins got less than 2 percent of the vote, and the other minor party candidates for governor – Libertarian Larry Sharpe, 1.5 percent; and Serve America Movement candidate Stephanie Miner, less than 1 percent – did worse than Hawkins.

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Some third parties see victory in defeat

City and State: November 18, 2018

Stephanie Miner, Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins.
Stephanie Miner, Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins. | Adela Loconte/Shutterstock

But the biggest winner among the losers on election night was Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins who came in third behind Cuomo and Republican Marc Molinaro – enough votes for the Greens to keep ballot access and remain a force on the fringes of state politics....

[Stephanie Miner's] bid to win the governor’s mansion as a third-party candidate was doomed from the start – she wasn’t even the highest vote-getter from Syracuse, Hawkins was – but she got just enough to get the party recognition in New York.

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Cuomo aide: Molinaro endorsement out of touch with voters (Your letters)

Syracuse Post-Standard: November 16, 2018

Your Editorial Board was a steadfast supporter of Mayor Stephanie Miner throughout her term and supported Marc Molinaro against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The election results for the city of Syracuse, the heart of your circulation area, had Cuomo winning with close to 67 percent, Marc Molinaro at 21.9 percent, Howie Hawkins at 5.3 percent and Stephanie Miner at 3.8 percent. There is clearly a significant disconnect between the positions of the editorial board and those of your readers, and considering these different realities, perhaps the Board needs to gain a better perspective. We believe performance matters in government and citizens value results and progress.

Dani Lever
Former Communications Director
Cuomo 2018


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