Howie Hawkins NYC on education, mass transit

Standing in front of the (Boss) Tweed Court House, Howie Hawkins announced today in that he will run for Governor as the progressive alternative to the pro-austerity and anti-union policies of the Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo and his Republican challenger Rob Astorino.

Hawkins chose to announce in front of the NYC Board of Education to highlight his call for adequate funding for public schools and an end to high-stakes testing. Hawkins said, "High-stakes tests are designed to define the children, teachers, and schools of disadvantaged communities as failures in order to privatize their schools as charters for profit-seeking investors. Public schools are not for sale. It's time to stop the corporate privatization agenda."

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NY1 - Inside City Hall with Errol Louis: Howie Hawkins Previews Campaign to Become Green Party's Candidate for Governor

NY1 VIDEO: Howie Hawkins, a candidate for governor, joined Inside City Hall to preview his campaign to become the Green Party's candidate for governor and explain why he thinks the Cuomo administration has failed to deliver on a host of progressive priorities for the state.

Rochester: Hawkins Announces for Governor in front of High School Slated for Closure

Howie Hawkins announced his plans to run for New York state governor under the Green Party in front of East High School Thursday morning. Hawkins said he chose East High as the place for his announcement because the school is slated to be closed by the Board of Regents, and it’s an example of the problems Gov. Cuomo has created by underfunding local schools and anti-poverty programs.

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Hawkins Announces Candidacy in Albany

Howie Hawkins announced his campaign for Governor in Albany to a standing room only crowd in the LCA Pressroom packed with media and supporters. The day started with an interview on the Capital Pressroom:

Howie Hawkins outlined his Green New Deal platform of economic justice for working people in New York State. Hawkins explained the need for a $15 minimum wage, the right to a job, the need to invest in a renewable energy future and why we need an independent political party that is not affiliated with the corporate parties.  Read articles below to here Howie's comments on Cuomo and Astorino, the Working Families Party, and how Greens can challenge the corrupt leadership of New York's political establishment.

Howie's release at the news conference: Howie Hawkins to Run for Governor as the Progressive Alternative

Times Union Capital Confidential: Gov candidate Hawkins pitches "Green New Deal"

Times Union: Hawkins presents platform

NewsDay: Green Party candidate Hawkins calls for $15 minimum wage

Ithaca Journal: Hawkins announces campaign for Governor

Hawkins on Liz Benjamin: Howie Hawkins discusses his second run

Associated Press: Hawkins enters race for Governor of NY

Troy Record: Hawkins announces second run for Governor


Syracuse Campaign Kickoff!

Thank you to Syracuse Greens and supporters for joining Howie for the first event of his statewide campaign kick off blitz.

You can watch full video of the announcement on Indymedia CNY  

Howie was joined by a room full of supporters as he outlined why he is running for Governor of NY against Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Howie outlined his Green New Deal platform, a plan to create badly needed jobs for unemployed New Yorkers addressing community need and building the clean energy system we need to reach a goal of a carbon free economy by 2030.  After the official kick off, Howie spoke at a Funk Not Fracking event near Syracuse University (photos below.)  You can read early coverage of the kickoff from the Post Standard's Tim Knauss, 5 Questions for Howie Hawkins.

Statewide Campaign Kickoff Blitz!

The week of April 8, Howie is officially kicking of his campaign with events across New York State. Please join us and please spread the word to your friends and political allies! 

New York City – Saturday, April 12, 7 pm 
New York City - Sunday, April 13 Press Conference

Stand with Howie next week and show your support for a political vision that prioritizes the needs of people and planet and economic justice and fairness. Cuomo relies upon the 1% to fund his campaigns. Howie is relying on you to help build the movement we need for radical social change.

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McCutcheon on the Hudson

Originally printed on CounterPunch


Yesterday’s US Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC removed limits on the total amount that rich donors could contribute to all candidates in an electoral cycle. The need for a voluntary system of public campaign financing for candidates to run with no-strings-attached clean money is now greater than ever.

With the recent passage of the state budget, Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders missed an opportunity to enact just such a system. What New Yorkers got was a watered down partial public financing system for Comptroller races only. That minor “reform” does not change the basic picture: New York has the best government money can buy.

Hear Howie Hawkins at Syracuse McCutcheon Rapid Response Rally.

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