VIDEO: Hawkins calls out Cuomo on Hydrofracking

Howie Hawkins insists that 100% clean energy by 2030 is a mandate - and that New York State politicians, particularly Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver, lack the political will to deal with fracking and climate change. 

Read Howie Hawkins' Op-Ed in the Buffalo News today: State's energy plan does little to forestall climate disaster

"Climate scientists now say we must reduce emissions 6 percent to 10 percent per year to forestall disaster. Fortunately, a recent peer-reviewed study demonstrates the feasibility of converting New York to 100 percent carbon-free energy in 17 years. This goal and this plan should be the starting point for a state energy plan. Read more..." 

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Meet Howie Hawkins in Albany, Saturday June 7

Howie Hawkins will be in the Capital District on Saturday June 7.  First, he'll be at the Black and Latino Pride Celebration. In the early evening, meet Hawkins and learn how you can support this grassroots campaign at an Albany House Party at 6pm. And Saturday evening, Howie Hawkins joins Immortal Technique, Jill Stein and People Against the NDDA at the Albany Armory. 

NY Badass Teachers Endorse Hawkins/Jones

After a vote of its membership, The New York Badass Teachers Association, an organization of close to 2000 educators and parents, which works to elect candidates committed to defending and preserving public education, announced today its endorsement of Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones who are running on The Green Party platform.

Read the full statement here.

Sign on to Educators, Parents and Students for Hawkins and Jones.


Hawkins on WFP endorsement of Cuomo

Howie Hawkins said today that the decision by the Working Families Party to nominate Governor Cuomo for a second term of Governor was an abandonment of working class and progressive voters, just further proof that the WFP is merely a liberal wing on the Democrats. 

Hawkins said that the door to the Green Party was open to WFPmembers. "We feel their pain over the Cuomo nomination. We are here for them. We give them a place to organize and vote against the Cuomo agenda and for progressive policies."

"We invite progressive, grassroots workers and community members who are looking for a union member to support to vote for the Green Party this November. We will also be targeting communities of color who feel abused and neglected by the Cuomo administration and his austerity policies on schools, criminal justice and human services," said Hawkins, a working Teamster from Syracuse who unloads truck at night for UPS for a living. 

Hawkins noted that the decisions in the Working Families has always been made based on financial contributions. The statewide nominations were the one exception due to the dictates of state election law. But even when the base overwhelmingly opposed Cuomo, the large funders still prevailed. 


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Kshama Sawant, Seattle socialist Councilwoman, speaks in support of Howie Hawkins

"I hope that everyone here will throw yourself into Howie Hawkins' working class victory is possible without hundred, thousands and tens of thousands of activists dedicating themselves to the have to know that every hour you spend is going to be critical"

"They are trembling in fear," says Kshama Sawant Socialist Seattle Council Member. Sawant explains that the Democrats, funded by business interests, can't deliver for working people even with the best of intentions, adding that we must build and independent movement. She states it can happen in New York too with Howie Hawkins.

Saturday in NYC: Left Forum After Party

On Saturday night, Hawkins campaign will be joined at a special fundraiser by recently elected Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant. The Green Party is pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage similar to what Sawant successfully pushed in Seattle. The event will be at Perdition Bar NYC 692 10th Ave. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Remarks at 8pm. Joining Hawkins will be Lt. Governor candidate Brian Jones, an education reformer in NYC. Labor activist and author Stanley Aronowitz, the 2002 Green gubernatorial candidate, will also speak. RSVP here.

On Sunday June 1, Hawkins and Jones will speak at a Green Party workshop "Quid Pro Cuomo: What is to be done" at the Left Form at noon. The left in New York State is debating how to counter the conservative class agenda of Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Educators, Parents and Students for Hawkins and Jones

We, the undersigned, support Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones in their campaign to be the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York. We agree with Hawkins and Jones that New York needs to support, fund, and strengthen our public school system. The current Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has supported privatization in the form of charter schools and teacher evaluation based on standardized testing.  Cuomo's policies are exacerbating the inequalities in our school system -- in fact, New York now has the most segregated schools in the nation. Rob Astorino, the Republican Party candidate for Governor, will further segregate our schools by resisting fair housing settlements, supporting even more cuts to the education budget, and trying to outdo Cuomo in his promotion of charter schools.


Hawkins Joins delivery of 10,000 petitions for Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission

Hawkins joined with Alice Green and Center for Law and Justice to deliver 10,000 petition signatures to Cuomo Tuesday calling on the governor to establish a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission to study the impacts of mass incarceration on New Yorkers, largely brought about by the failed war on drugs.

Brian Jones Speaks at NYC Save Our Schools Rally

Excellent speech! Brian Jones, candidate for Lt. Governor, speaking about the need to organize an anti-racist, desegregated movement to confront Cuomo's neoliberal education policy. Education is a human right. 

Green Party nominates Hawkins/Jones for gubernatorial ticket

Green Party nominates Hawkins/Jones gubernatorial ticket

Jimenez wins AG nod, Portelli for Comptroller 

Howie Hawkins won the Green Party nomination for Governor in Troy on Saturday, setting up a rematch with Andrew Cuomo. Hawkins says he plans to challenge the 1% tag team of Cuomo and Republican nominee Astorino on economic, climate change and criminal justice issues. Hawkins also wants NY to go carbon free with a 100%, clean renewable energy by 2030, while providing a public living wage job to any New Yorker who needs one. 

The Greens selected NYC Educator Brian Jones to highlight their opposition to Cuomo's education policies promoting privatization of the education system, including his promotion of the Common Core agenda and charter schools. The Greens are seeking full funding to meet the educational needs of New Yorkers, including free tuition at CUNY and SUNY.

The Hawkins-Jones ticket was nominated in Troy NY the day after former local State Senator and Majority Leader Joe Bruno won his federal retrial on public corruption charges despite clear evidence that he receive tens of thousands of dollars monthly for no-show jobs. 

“Bruno was the wolf of Albany. The Albany media portrayed him as a loveable rogue because he was happy to publicly proclaim that his goal was to deliver favors for his friends, who stuffed his pockets in return. The Supreme Cout has legalized bribery. And Cuomo whitewashed Bruno's use of taxpayer resources to shake down donors. He raises $33 million in $40,000 chunks and then disbands the Moreland Commission without accomplishing anything. You want to end corruption in Albany, vote Green Party his November,” noted Hawkins. 

Rounding out the ticket is Bronx attorney and activist Ramon Jimenez for Attorney General and Theresa Portelli, the recent Green nominee for Mayor in Albany, for State Comptroller. Jimenez ran for AG four years ago. 

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