Fight corporate politics with the Green Party! Join the Howie Hawkins for Governor Campaign. Organize for People, Peace and Planet and the just, sustainable future we know is possible. Apply to intern with our campaign this summer and fall. 

More and more people are ready to dump the two political parties of Wall Street and build a movement to demand that society’s resources be allocated based on human need, not corporate greed.  

We know we will be massively outspent by Governor Andrew Cuomo who has already raised over $30 million dollars from Wall Street, the Telecoms and the Real Estate Barons. But we can overcome their corrupting corporate cash by building a grassroots movement of hundreds of working-class and young people to spread the word that a better system is possible. 

We are seeking people passionate about social change to door knock, poster, phonebank, leaflet, help with social media and develop our website, do community outreach, organize special events and work with our campaign to build a movement to change politics in New York. Our campaign is grassroots and there are many opportunities to take on leadership positions in your area.

Most internships are unpaid but you may be able to gain college credit through your university. We are currently offering 5 stipended internships for Grassroots Campus Organizers.

If you can commit 10 or more hours a week to help build this campaign, apply to intern today!

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