No debate in NY governor’s race with less than 3 weeks left

AP: October 18, 2018

Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins, who placed third in the 2016 election, called Cuomo “cowardly” for refusing to debate. He held a mock debate earlier this week with a man dressed as a chicken to make his point.

“Democracy suffers when incumbents hide their positions from the media and public and instead rely on massive donations from special interests to blanket the air-waves with promotional ads,” Hawkins said....

A head-to-head poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University suggests Cuomo is leading Molinaro 58-35 percentage points. The survey did not include Hawkins, Libertarian Larry Sharpe or former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, an independent.

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Guest Post: Howie - A fighter for Justice. And my cats love him.

Gloria Mattera, Green Party State Co-Chair

Mentor.  Comrade. Running-mate. Friend.  That is how I know Howie Hawkins.

And I am proud to say my friend and former-running mate in the 2010 gubernatorial race, Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for Governor.

(photo from April 23rd climate rally at State Capitol,
where we were both arrested for protesting Cuomo)

Story-teller.  Historian. Visionary.

I should point out that we have 4 days before the last filing period for campaign financial reports. We need donations of at least another $5,000 by October 22  to meet our fundraising targets.

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Fight Cuomo's "Too Little, Too Late" Agenda

Socialist Alternative NYC: October 18, 2018

Next month, millions of New Yorkers will head to the polls hoping to defeat Republicans and open the door to progressive change in the state. But if we are going to win bold change in Albany, it will require a massive struggle against Governor Andrew Cuomo and his big business backers. That’s why Socialist Alternative urges people to not vote for Cuomo. Instead, we encourage people to register a protest in the election by voting for Howie Hawkins.

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‘Nonpartisan’ Pollsters Are Basically Doing Push Polls for Democrats and Republicans

Reason: October 18, 2018

As recently as late September, Nixon had been polling at 10 percent as a WFP candidate, so surely Quinnipiac would be interested to see whether Nixon's anti-Cuomo base was grudgingly following the party line, or transferring to Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins (who received 4.8 percent of the vote in 2014), or shifting to the energetic and media-savvy Libertarian Larry Sharpe, or even to independent update pol Stephanie Miner? Nope, respondents were presented with the woefully inaccurate premise that the choice in this overwhelmingly blue state is between the unlovable Cuomo and a largely invisible Republican named Marc Molinaro.

That isn't science. That's propaganda.

Sharpe paid for his own poll last week, showing the headline race at 48 percent to 25 percent, followed by him with 13 percent, Miner with 8 and Hawkins with 6. (In sharp contrast, the Siena College poll with Nixon at 10 percent had Sharpe with just 2 percent, Miner with 1 percent, and Hawkins with zero.)

But the point is, independent polling agencies and their media partners who tell you that they're providing accurate nonpartisan analysis of the New York gubernatorial race—and scores of other electoral contests from coast to coast—are flat-out lying. Journalists and political scientiests should be independent checks on power, not handmaidens to it.

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Cuomo should agree to debate opponents

Utica Observer-Dispatch: October 18, 2018

We understand that Cuomo’s refusal to debate Molinaro and the three third-party opponents is typical political strategy. With a $9.2 million war chest (Molinaro at last report had only $210,000 in cash on hand; Miner had $55,000; Hawkins, $31,000, and Sharpe, $24,000) and a huge lead in the polls (50 percent to 28 percent in an Oct. 1 Siena College poll), he has little to gain with a debate.

But the voters do. And isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?

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Cuomo, Blaz criticized as no-shows

Greenpoint Star: October 17, 2018

cuomo chicken

It was a week of ducking political foes for two of New York's most powerful politicians, or as one opponent of Governor Andrew Cuomo put it, chickening out.

The Green Party candidate for governor is doing his best to goad Cuomo into a debate before Election Day by staging fake debates with a Cuomo impersonator and a man dressed as a chicken.

With the chicken (played by James Lane, a former Green Party candidate for public advocate) squawking soundbites like “Debates Are Fowl!,” “Read My Beak! No Debates!,” and “Debates? Kiss My Eggs!,” Hawkins instead debates a Fake Cuomo played by Randy Credico.

Hawkins is calling for four debates in four cities on four topics: the economy, government reform, climate and the environment, and social problems.

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NYC ISO Withdraws Endorsement of Hawkins/Lee Ticket

The Independent Left Must Oppose Islamophobia

Statement of the New York City ISO

Socialist Worker: October 17, 2018


Looking Back on an Endorsement Debate

By Danny Katch

Socialist Worker: October 18, 2018


We Can Critically Support Independent Candidates

By Lance Selfa

Socialist Worker: October 22, 2018


Questions About Endorsing We Needed To Ask

By Sofia Arias

Socialist Worker: November 8, 2018


Citing war in Syria, ISO withdraws endorsement of Green Party gubernatorial candidate in New York

By Sandy English

World Socialist Web Site: November 8, 2018


A missed chance to support a real alternative

By Howie Hawkins

Socialist Worker: November 20, 2018


What matters in our endorsement debate

By Jen Roesch

Socialist Worker: November 21, 2018

On the ISO’s refusal to endorse Howie Hawkin’s campaign

By Louis Proyect

The Unrepentant Marxist: November 23, 2018

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Howie Hawkins for Governor: A Step in the Left Direction

New Politics: October 16, 2018

We are the abolitionists of today, standing for the abolition of racism, sexism, and capitalism, for reversing climate change and ending imperialist wars. Through our social movements and our support for socialist and radical progressive candidates in the Democratic Party, we contribute to dividing that party and eventually breaking it up so that its left can become free. At the same time, we must support candidates outside the Democrats who represent our socialist alternative. We need to do both of these at once. And that’s where Howie Hawkins of the Green Party comes in.

Howie Hawkins, for many years a truck driver and Teamsters union member, is an open socialist running for governor against Andrew Cuomo on the Green Party ticket. Howie has run for governor before, winning 5 percent of the vote in 2012, an achievement that maintained the Green Party ballot line. While the Green Party remains a small, progressive party that receives only a small percentage of the vote in national elections, its party platform—focused on the environment, peace, democracy and economic justice—is far to the left of the Democrats. Howie himself, a member of the socialist group Solidarity, stands for the abolition of capitalism and the creation of a democratic socialist society.

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Green Party Candidates Call for Full Funding and Desegregation of NY Schools

For immediate release: October 16, 2018

Scrap Standardized Tests and Screening - Make All Schools Diverse with Gifted-Quality Curriculum for All

Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee, the Green Party’s gubernatorial ticket, called today for desegregation of all New York schools. The Greens said that the use of standardized tests for entrance to gifted high schools should be scrapped, and instead there should be a gifted-quality curriculum in all high schools.

They called for a “controlled choice” system of desegregation where families rank their preferred schools and students are assigned to schools using a formula to account for preferences while achieving socioeconomically integrated schools.

The Green candidates called for full funding of the Foundation Aid formula designed to provide adequate and equitable funding for all New York school districts, including high-poverty districts. The state is a cumulative $4.2 billion behind funding the Foundation Aid enacted in 2007 to meet the requirements of the Court of Appeals ruling in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case in 2006.

Hawkins said that student outcomes will not improve much until there is wider social reform to secure economic rights to living-wage jobs and affordable housing and health care for all. “When 10% of the children in my home city of Syracuse and in New York City are homeless, how can we expect those children to focus on their education?” Hawkins said.

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Green Candidates To Speak on Desegregating Housing and Schools - Tues. Oct 16 Brooklyn

For immediate release: October 16, 2018

Three members of the Green Party’s ticket for statewide office will be speaking tonight about how to desegregate housing and schools in New York. New York’s cities are the most segregated in the nation by race and income.

The forum is in the Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave. from 7 to 9 pm. Tuesday, October 16.

Michael Sussman, the Green candidate for Attorney General, will speak about litigation against discrimination and segregation. Sussman is a civil rights lawyer who won over $400 million from the New York State, HUD, and Yonkers to remedy school and housing segregation in Yonkers.

Jia Lee, a pubic school teacher who is the Green candidate for Lt. Governor, will address “controlled choice” programs that combine school preferences and family income to create integrated schools across school districts.

Margaret Kimberly, a columnist for Black Agenda Report, will discuss why politicians of all races have backed away from desegregation policies in recent decades.

Howie Hawkins, the Green candidate for Governor, will discuss how building new mixed-income public housing can contribute to housing desegregation as well as affordability in an era of gentrification and displacement of working-class tenants.

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